Costuming/Other Volunteers

If you’re a costumer and would like to volunteer your efforts, please email the Project Manager at

If you see your name listed here, but have a website you would like included, please send an email to

Costumers (listed in alphabetical order by last name):
(**Starred names indicate costumers whose finished products appeared at the panel)

**Karissa Barrows

**Mike Barrows

**Rick Barrows

Alli Chinn (deviantArt)

**Reva Dawn – Maple Bunnie Cosplay (Facebook)

**Melissa Franklin – Armed and Dangerous (Facebook)

Lydia “Deez” Lees – Moonbase Creations (Facebook)

**Raquel Lin – Armed and Dangerous (Facebook)

**Zach Pickard – Quantum Entanglement Props

Reith Poppo – Propped Up Creations (Facebook)

**Lou Rock and Nick Eaton – BlueLemonSky Studio (Facebook)

Orla Rose (deviantArt)

Ashley Ruhl (deviantArt)

Alyssa Smith – Propped Up Creations (Facebook)

Preston Thorne – Epic Games

Peter White – Moonbase Creations (Facebook)


Sonja Carter — Soulfire Photography

Kayhettin Elysiam — Elysiam Entertainment


**Liz Lester – Stage Makeup Artist

Monica Dubay – Stage Management

Dawn Noble – Licensed Cosmetologist

Christian Harris – Custom Dog Tags (KRS Props)

Jaki Martinez/Mike Fertig  – Artists (We-Chibi)

See Hang – Artist (website)

Autumn Stone – Graphic Art/Design

Thomas Corbino – Videography

3 responses to “Costuming/Other Volunteers

  1. Hey folks, glad to see there’s so many people on board, looking forward to seeing what you’re each contributing, and maybe finding out a little about you all, in context of how your contributing.

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