When’s the next one??

There are no plans as of yet for another panel, other than the fact that we would love to do one! We will not be crowdfunding subsequent events, however. Any future event(s) will need to be covered by convention and corporate sponsors so any and ALL money fans donate go right to St. Jude, as is right and proper.

Is [insert actor/model here] participating?

Keythe Farley, Kimberly Brooks, Luciano Costa, and Rana McAnear participated in our first ever MECC event, and they were AMAZING!! Any future panels will hopefully have even more talent join these fantastic four, but of course, this is dependent upon schedules. When the time comes to recruit for another panel, please continue to visit our Participating Talent page for your answer to this question. 🙂

Have you contacted [insert actor/model here] yet?  They would be awesome!

For future events, we will contact any and all talent we can!

What is this shindig all about, anyway?

We’re all about getting as many of the cast (voice actors and models) to cosplay as “themselves” as possible, as a way for the actors to have fun, give back to the fans, and give back to the world with excess funds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For more in-depth information, peruse the “Welcome To The Initiative” page and the “How The Initiative Came To Be” page.

Do I have a time limit by which to donate?

We are currently taking our last round of donations through April 20th, 2014, with everything going to St. Jude. We’d love your support!

How many times can I donate?

AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT, you blessed creature, you.

If I can’t make it, are you taking pictures or filming the event?

We had you covered! We’ll be posting pictures of the event soon, and already have a link to the archived panel.

I’d like to volunteer my efforts.  How would I do that?

As of this moment, since we currently have no event in the works, we don’t need volunteers at this time. That said, be watching for any future events, as we certainly will need help with that!