Participating Talent

Note: This list has been updated as a few of our amazing and generous actors have had work or family commitments come up that will keep them from appearing with us at PAX East – but we still love them and they have our full support. Thanks!

— Participating talent is as follows —

Kimberly Brooks 
(voice of Ashley Williams)

Rana McAnear (face of Samara/Morinth)

Keythe Farley (voice of Thane Krios)

Luciano Costa (face of Kaidan Alenko)

Hoping to have even more join these fantastic people next time!

Participants who needed to withdraw due to work/other schedule conflicts included Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer, Steve Blum, D.C. Douglas, Courtenay Taylor, and Raphael Sbarge.

16 responses to “Participating Talent

    • We are trying to bring as many of the actors/models on board as possible! 🙂 We are, however, only including those actors who have confirmed as far as being in contact with them and/or their agents to coordinate costume construction, rather than those who have shown light interest through Twitter. Once we have confirmation, we will add new participants to this page. 🙂

  1. Hey guys, thank you for inviting me. As a newbie, I look forward to meeting you all and learning a thing or two. I can’t wait to try on my costume. It’s going to rock!
    -Luciano (aka Kaidan)

  2. Wow this is awesome! A little sad that Ms. Hillis hasn’t joined this amazing cause, but all the people that have already signed up is amazing! It would be epic to see Martin Sheen and Seth Greene as well! Love what you’re doing here 😀

    • She was going to, but a scheduling conflict came up that is taking her out of the country. We’re hoping to have her on for any future events! If the actor is not on the page now, they had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts (as happens quite often in the entertainment industry). We’re going to miss her and the others who couldn’t make it, but we’re going to have a BLAST with those who are attending!

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