Our friend Audrey at Gentle Geek wrote a feature on the MECC!  Thank you SO much!!  (SO cool!)
(The article is in French too, which I (Karissa) don’t speak, but makes this even more awesome!)

Our dear friends (hi Aenne!) at Press2Reset mentioned us on their 62nd Transmission!  Thank you guys!!!

Brian Algiers over at Project Serenity wrote a great article (Clothe The Awesome)about the Initiative!! Such a fun read! THANK YOU!!

The MASS EFFECT FRANCE fanpage wrote us a nice advertisement!  Thanks guys!! 🙂

The lovely and awesome ladies at The Nerdy Girls did an interview with me!  Check it out!! 🙂

The lovely Lisa Granshaw posted a great article about the event itself on The Daily Dot. Thank you so much!!
daily dot logo

Anton with our friends Press2Reset wrote a wonderful piece on the event as well! THANK YOU!!

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